CASA BLANCO: Respect for the environment.

Sustainability initiatives

Casa Blanco is located in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, an area declared a Natural Area of ​​Special Interest. Our philosophy is based on respect for nature and pride in the cultural and ecological heritage of Madrid. Therefore, we take special care of the environmental impact of our activity. Our management is focused on sustainability criteria focused on minimizing the footprint in the environment. Since our opening in 2019, we claim the tranquillity and simplicity of indigenous products and values, and we are champion of ecological tourism, defending the flora and fauna of the area in which we are located.

Casa Blanco is built on the hill of Cabezuela, and has the privilege of enjoying the views of the entire Guadarrama valley. The garden has endemic species such as oak, oak, gum rockrose, rosemary, pine, etc.

The Sierra de Guadarrama in which Casa Blanco is located is located in the Central System, it is part of the natural division between the north and south plateaus that make up the centre of the Peninsula.

It constitutes a representative sample of the natural systems of high Mediterranean mountains such as thickets and alpine grasslands, pine forests, melojares, peat bogs, with glacier and periglacial modeling, and presence of reliefs and singular geological elements.

The main ecosystems that it has are pine forests, lagoons, wetlands, quejigares, melojares, supraforestal thickets, high mountain grasslands and a geomorphology of the granitic rock that highlights unique relief and landscape forms.

In the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and in its Peripheral Protection Zone there are 133 bird species with regular presence during some time of the year, depending on the summer, winter or permanent nature of the species in question.

There are also 58 species of mammals inventoried, of which 6 are Iberian endemisms (the Iberian hare, the Lusitian topillo, the Iberian shrew, the Iberian mole, the Iberian desman and the Cabrera topillo).

Our responsibility to the planet leads us to consider their protection and care a priority. We are aware of the need for a rational and balanced management of natural resources and have established strict policies regarding electricity, water and heating consumption, as well as the use of detergents.


In our house we prioritize the purchase of products of Km. 0, that is, we promote the consumption of local and ecological products, encouraging direct purchase to the small producer. Almost all the necessary services for the maintenance of the house are hired in the same municipality of Cercedilla or surroundings.