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Cercedilla is a space that is characterized by the large number of natural spaces. It belongs to the National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

To discover the Sierra de Guadarrama in depth, you just have to follow any of its hiking, mountain or bicycle routes.
Cercedilla also offers activities such as horse riding, skiing or zip lines.

We can not forget the wonderful “Meat of the Sierra de Guadarrama” that is sold in the area. There are many excellent restaurants that cook with all the love that characterizes the locals and, along with other delicacies offered, make your visit unforgettable and repeat again and again.

Cercedilla is also well known for hosting illustrious people. From Canalejas to Rosales, from Ramón y Cajal to Sorolla, Aleixandre, countless writers and politicians chose this town as a place of rest.

Tomás Montalvo, chronicler of the town, says that Cercedilla is a unique case to explain tourism in the mountains of Madrid. It was the place where all the prodigies of the modern world came together: the train, the water (the works brought back to 1918), the electricity (in 1925 a light factory was inaugurated, which can be visited) and famous holiday makers. «Influencers» of the time that attracted other people. In addition to the landscape, of course; of the little girl in the summer nights, of the snow, of the clean air that relieved the tuberculosis patients.

It is still a place of inspiration and residence for many artists today. Cercedilla has an Association of Artisans and Artists that offers very interesting courses such as artistic forge, pottery, painting, etc. and makes craft markets.

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